Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Increase Your Pasta Sauce Consumption ASAP!

I spent yesterday afternoon with a dear friend. We chatted...she showed me her fancy new camera...I inhaled every snack she so thoughtfully set out. 

Oh, and we also crafted.

If you haven't seen this pretty cool tutorial about making your old jars look beautiful, get on it.

Luckily, I know this fella who has a million pasta sauce jars. I mean, the kid loves himself some noodles and sauce. Hence, I'm never wanting for a large jar (huge score in my book).
I am in love with everything Lotta Jansdotter, so I decided to use some stationary I had for this very purpose. I have to say, I'm quite pleased with the result. 
I'm still working on getting the glue off the jar with the orange lid, otherwise you would see the complete set. After too much elbow grease, and a nasty set of raisin fingers, I resorted to ordering some Goo Gone from Amazon. I'll report back on its functionality.

Update: Remember this lovely thrifting find? It works like a charm! It should come in super handy for drying prints.

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Heatwave and Sky High Shoulder Pads

I'm fairly certain I bought the two ugliest items thrifting today. I'm 100% certain that I love the color orange way too much. 

Even Buckley can't stand the sight of my purchases.

I present to you...the Heatwave:

I am praying the hot button isn't stuck in place.

After seeing this retro beauty I convinced myself that I've always wanted a personal instant heater and/or fan for all those times that I'm chilled/sweaty and too lazy to get up and adjust the thermostat. I proceeded to check out without seeing how well it functioned, and had a small panic attack on the way home about how much electricity this sucker probably eats through. 

I shall report back later on its functionality.

More eye candy for you. You will be seeing more of this in a separate post. I will tell you only this: It has shoulder pads so big you could cock your head to the side and take a nap on them.

Do you spy a beagle?

Today's poignant thrifting observation:

When you go the thrift store looking quite homeless, you will receive a lot of flack from the cashier about whether you actually donated a bag of stuff in order to get your 20% discount. When you go back later that night, freshly showered, to pick up some records for a friend you'll be treated like the Duchess of Wales. Thrifting twice in one day is a new low. 

Friday, January 27, 2012


Lately, this strange thing has been happening to me. I've been thinking in colors instead of words, prints and patterns flutter in and out of my mind, and I've scribbled a to-create list longer than there are hours in the day.

In short, I'm inspired...and I don't want it to stop. I blame Pinterest.

A few of my favorites this week:
Such simple, beautiful prints from Jenny Pennywood.

So refreshing to see a living room that actually looks lived in...because in the heat of July, my gloves will still be sitting on that rattan ottoman.

House plants that don't gross me out. Lovely.